5 Incredible Music Festivals in Australia

5 Incredible Music Festivals in Australia

Are you ready to set out in a campervan hire to visit the most sought-after music festivals in Australia? If you like adventure and you love music, this is the perfect plan for you. Not only does Australia know how to put on a good show, but Aussie’s know how to have fun which makes this a great plan for anyone who wants to make the most out of their vacation.

The 5 Best Music Festivals

Where there is fun to be had, you can be sure to find Australians. When it comes to music festivals in Australia, they are anything but boring. While there is a plethora of fabulous music festivals to choose from, our top five would have to be these ones:

  • Southbound

Not only is Southbound a music festival where you can expect to hear music from bands like Phantogram, Benson, and Cosmos Midnight, but you can also enjoy some camping while you are at it. With plenty of drinks to go around and great organization, it’s the kind of festival where you can let loose and have a great time with your mates. Southbound will take place at the end of December and is a fantastic way to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

  • Electric Gardens

If you like house music, Electric Gardens is the festival for you. Taking place every January in different areas of the country, the Electric Gardens is one of the most popular ones with a high level of attendance. You can expect stars like Eric Prydz in an Electric Gardens lineup.

  • Babylon

Babylon is more than just a music festival, but it does count on same great artists in the lineup. Babylon offers festival attendees workshops, arts and crafts, fashion, and much more. It also typically takes places in large parks or out in nature, making it a satisfying experience on many levels. The Babylon festival takes place in March.

  • Sydney Latin Festival

There’s nothing like a little Latin music to get you dancing and in a good mood and that’s one reason why the Sydney Latin Festival draws so many attendees every year. From samba to salsa, if you like dancing, this is where you should be. With friendly people all around you and music that you can help but dance to, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life.

  • Soundwave

If the names Green Day or Alice in Chains make you perk up, the Soundwave Festival may be the festival that you have been looking for. Taking place over a few weekends in February to March in several different locations, you will be able to see artists from around the world in a fun and very entertaining environment.

What could be better than taking a road trip to see the best music and attend the greatest festivals in Australia? Not much, so go ahead and pack your bags and prepare for a road trip which will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Music festivals in Australia are fun, well-organized, and worth your time.