Your Crucial Checklist of Items to Bring to Uni – from Documents to Kitchen and Bedroom Essentials

Your Crucial Checklist of Items to Bring to Uni – from Documents to Kitchen and Bedroom Essentials

Being at uni is an exciting time, regardless if you’re going back for your third year or are entering as a fresher. But whilst you probably can’t wait to see your old friends again or make some new ones, you shouldn’t forget the whole reason you’re there: to study and to graduate. So what are the things you need to make it in university and make your stay more profitable as well? Following is your crucial checklist of items to bring to uni – from documents to kitchen and bedroom essentials, and more.

  • Documents

There are documents which are absolutely necessary. This includes your passport, driver’s license, or other type of identification; your admission letter; your terms of accommodation and contract; your bank card and cheque book; documents related to any student loan, scholarship, or bursary; your NHS number; your card or number for National Insurance; and at least four passport photos, especially if you are planning to join any club or society.


  1. Bedroom items

Your bedroom is perhaps the second place where you will be spending a lot of time (next to lecture halls, that is) whilst you’re at uni. That being said, make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. Bring bed sheets (including pillow slips or covers, a duvet, and a mattress protector); two or three pillows; a sleeping bag (if you are planning to have some sleepovers); hangers (you can never have too many of those); a laundry basket; a door stop; an alarm clock, and ear plugs (trust us, it can be absolutely essential).

  1. Kitchen items

What you need to know is this: if you bring too many kitchen items, a lot of them might not even be used. Don’t try to bring items that are on the expensive side. One great item to bring for the kitchen is a wok or pan. With a wok or pan, you can basically cook anything and use it to fry, boil, steam, sauté, and more. You should also bring a set of cutlery, a few plates, and a good knife. Don’t forget kitchen scissors as well as your favourite mug, at least one bowl, and a few food containers. If you’re keen on coffee, bring a coffeemaker as well.

  1. Miscellaneous items

There are some items that can come in very useful whilst you’re at uni. This includes a pack of playing cards for socialising, a torch, and even a bicycle. Having your own bicycle can save you some money and help you get fit as well. Of course, a laptop is also essential, and if you can, bring a desktop. With a laptop or desktop, you can save important lectures and files and entertain yourself with videos, shows, and even a few bingo games online where you might even be lucky enough to win!