What to consider when getting into the world of film

What to consider when getting into the world of film

The entertainment industries of Hollywood and Bollywood can bring plenty of intrigue and interest – and willingness and hope to get involved – but several considerations must be taken into account before exploring what can be a risky situation.

Behind the camera

Perhaps you don’t want to become a veritable superstar like Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts, but want to keep things simple and have your servant heart vindicated by doing a good job from behind the camera. Here, you can explore becoming a producer, director or many of the other roles from behind the scenes within the filming world. If you’re in Australia, and want to take after the likes of Nicole Kidman or Hugh Jackman, well, you might want to consider the TAFE film courses Brisbane and other cities like Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin, Sydney and more have to offer.

In front of the camera

Jackman, Kidman and others have made hugely successful careers by flaunting their skills and looks in front of hundreds, if not thousands of cameras around the world. Their respective journeys took years, even decades, to perfect and hone. They had the grounding of acting in their blood – and developed their prowess accordingly, with the help of trained professionals before and after their careers really took off. You can, too, but need to make sure you do the right homework and investigation – and ensure that you make the right choices for the right line that you want to get into.

Other angles

Excuse the pun, but, yes, there are other angles to explore, too. Perhaps you could become the equipment manager or fill in as an extra now and then, at a minute’s notice. You don’t have to start at the top and, in fact, won’t start at the top. You will need to work your way up the so-called food chain or hierarchy. Putting in the groundwork and the legwork will pay off eventually, but patience has to be maintained during the journey. One can’t expect to rush things and just have these sorts of things fall straight into your lap. It’ll take weeks, months, years and decades. There is hardly any getting around this, so stay the course – and you will make it through.

Team work

Remember, always, you won’t be doing this alone. As much as movies need lead actors and actresses, as well as chief directors and producers, there are plenty of others within the cast. Feed off the insights, experiences and knowledge others studying and learning alongside you. They will have plenty to offer and you then can offer plenty to return. The various working relationships will become mutually beneficial, with each partner playing a role as and when the need arises. From there, you might find yourselves in the same job or on the same stage together, and you can grow these relationships that were started as semi-professionals. Going it alone is no fun. Team work, to reiterate, is key – and far more exciting when celebrating collective and individual success.