What Heavy Duty Double-Sided Tape Can Do for Your Business

What Heavy Duty Double-Sided Tape Can Do for Your Business

Do you require an adhesive tape for your business? Adhesive technology has advanced beyond all recognition over the last few decades. There are products available today that could not have been imagined in times past. Many companies have realised the labour savings thatare possible by using various advanced resins and other products instead of mechanical fasteners.Hadleigh Enterprises Ltd are leading specialist in converting and supplying adhesive materials and we can cater for all your business requirements.

Versatile Double-Sided Tape

For instance, double sided tape can be used for more than sticking mirrors to walls. Do you regularly make temporary production jigs, install signage, or temporarily fix panels in place pending further assembly? Then these specialised tapes can make your life much easier, saving you time and money. Double-sided tape is designed to firmly secure materials that are otherwise unresponsive to adhesives. It’salso durable in all types of weather, and can withstand extreme temperatures.If you need to splice cables or insulate electrical equipment, our adhesive tapeswill make any task easier.Image result for What Heavy Duty Double-Sided Tape Can Do for Your Business

Building Maintenance

Time is money, as the saying goes. Did you know that scapa toffee tape can be used to permanently bond carpets to floors, fix cornices and other trim, and install insulation panels? It is less messy and quicker to use than liquid glues, and provides similar or superior appearance, durability, and strength.It can also be used to fix roof bars to commercial vehicles, attach kickplates and many other applications. By using our high-quality products, your business could increase its overall productivity.

Industrial Applications

Do you need to weatherproof a temporary structure or joinlarge amounts of plastic sheeting for other purposes? Using traditional methods are labour intensive and difficult to achieve the desired result. Our high-quality double-sided tape can quickly accomplish these tasks and guarantee a high holding power.

Sometimes it is difficult to find an adhesive tape that can bond to difficult surfaces. What about our clear double sided polyester tape? This tape bonds extremely well to glass, steel, plastics, ceramics, and other materials. It is suitable for a wide range of industrial uses and has an aggressive high tack adhesive. It comes in a choice of sizes,including 12mm to 75mm widths to suit any project.

A Wide Selection of Double-Sided Tapes

As adhesive tape experts, we believe that we have a double-sided tape for all your business needs. This includes ATG tapes and applicator gun, double-sided cloth tape, cortex tape, high performance double-sided tape, toffee tape and very high bonding tape. Whatever it is that you are undertaking, we can advise you on the correct adhesive tape to achieve the best possible results. We have many decades of experience in this industry, so why not benefit from our super-quality tape products?

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