Top Common among bodybuilders, bodybuilding myths to be avoided: Should you be really doing that?

Top Common among bodybuilders, bodybuilding myths to be avoided: Should you be really doing that?

When focusing on bodybuilding, and making amazing efforts to develop the kind of body that you have always been planning to, you may come across unending number of myths, rumours, and theories. Some of the most common myths that surrounds the world of body builders are-

  1. Food must be consumed only during specified times of the day-

When you are building your body and looking into the food items that you should eat, many eating and diet guides will dictate you that you should not be eating at night. In fact, many people indulging into hard core healthy eating plans will tell you that how scared they are to eat in the evening. This myth is also quite common among bodybuilders.

But the opposite is true- In fact if you are looking forward to build muscles then you can eat late at night. When you sleep at night, if you have proteins in your body, the body will start converting proteins into fuel or else it will convert muscles into fuel.

  1. Avoid having sugar-

Irrespective of what healthy diet plan you are following, you are always introduced to the perils of sugar. But in reality, after a vigorous work out, having sugar is a good idea. After a workout, sugar can help in refuelling our muscles quickly.

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  1. You should gain muscles and lose fat separately-

To gain muscles you are required to consume more calories and for losing weight you ought to reduce as many calories as possible. This myth has led to the division of work outs into many phases.

Like many other things, it is possible to build your muscles if your calorie intake is less. Research suggests that if you consume less of carbohydrates but your diet plan includes a lot of protein, then it is possible to gain muscles. For best results, try to take proteins as soon as you wake up, before the work out, after the work out, and before going to sleep. Taking HGH can do wonders for the prospective bodybuilders. This steroid can be administered through injection as well. It is totally natural and safe option. Human growth hormone releasers have a long lasting impact on the body of the bodybuilders. It not only ensures strong bones, but growth in muscles and development of tissue and brain.

  1. Weight training should be done before the cardio exercise-

You will observe that most of the body builders in the gym do their weight training before they have done the cardio. Although, they don’t have the reason for the same. Fortunately, a Japanese research has proven that this type of work out regime is perfect for both the work outs.

  1. Stretch first before your work out-

You will be surprised to know that stretching has no effect on the injury or risk of injury on your muscles.

These myths are common among bodybuilders but above clarification will help them a lot in in-depth understanding.