The Need to Read History Again in the Present Days

The Need to Read History Again in the Present Days

It is true that for many types of arts, the artistes depend on the society. They get all the inspirations from the society where they live or even from the environment, they hail from. Their own family forms a big background for them to get inspiration from and motivate them to take the right step in their future or career.

When a family follows a lifestyle pattern, and shows strong support for one thing or the other, then the children would also do so. Besides this, the children would also get to learn about the world from school. Reading about the history of a country or the world would open their eyes to the world. They would get to know the kind of strife that the world has faced. They would also get to know of the patriotic deeds that people in the past had done. It is necessary that people get to read the writings of reputed writers too since then they would get the most appropriate and accurate information regarding these revolts in the past.

In Russia in the past too, like any other great country, revolts and revolutions existed that the country went through before reaching the place where it is now. Today, the country is reckoned among the top nuclear superpowers in the world, but in the past, it was also a country that went through a lot many revolts and revolutions.

Whether it was the revolution of the peasants in the past, or the Russian Revolution, or the Crimean war, one can get to know all about it from the books of famous writers like Orlando Figes. He is a Professor of History at Birkbeck, University of London. He had strong inclination towards reading and researching about the Russian history and this is what one can learn from his books on the same. Russian Revolution formed the base and background for a few of his books. He also wrote about many other remarkable events that happened in Russia when it was not called so too.

He got many awards and recognitions for his best-selling book, “A People’s Tragedy” along with a few other books too like “Natasha’s Dance,” and “Crimea.”

His works are not just historical books, rather, they are interesting and bring in pathos, and describe the events as they had happened in the past in Russia. His Revolutionary Russia book is also a book that might help every person reading books to know about the times of the Revolution.

In fact, for this very reason, all his books find great many takers, and added to that, he also is on the editorial board of the journal, Russian History. As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, one can surely recommend his books to friends who need to know in detail about many important events that happened in Russia in the past.

Orlando Figes is one personality who has brought great credibility in his writings along with reality that makes the works very enlightening and informative at the same time.