The Changing Expressionist Art

The Changing Expressionist Art

Abstract expressionism or the Expressionist art is a form of art that has always thought out of the box. It has always inclined itself more towards the realm of feelings and emotions rather than the easily perceived things in their physical form. It is through the use of color and form that this art form communicates with its viewers.

The association of the term “expressionist” is proof enough for one to comprehend what this form of art wishes to convey. As the word suggests, this kind of art intends to express a certain feeling that can be social or personal through the pictorial representation made by the artist. It is giving a piece of the artist’s mind to the viewer through the use of colors and shapes. The circumstances or situations in life that inspired the artist mostly are put down on the canvas in this art form.

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It is true that abstract art is difficult to decipher but that has not brought any kind of hindrance to the popularity of this. In fact, the art galleries are being flooded with more and more people these days to see the abstract creations and try and understand the mind of the artist. The internet has been very instrumental in increasing the fame of abstract art. The Mark Borghi fine art gallery in New York exhibits a lot of this art form by the famous artists every now and then and is a huge success at all times. This proves the growing liking of people towards the art form.

Abstract art took its birth with the dawn of the twentieth century and became a great movement in the US as well as Europe. Slowly it progressed into what it is now known as Abstract Expressionism, but unfortunately even today this form of art is being misunderstood hugely. The use of bright and vivid colors to catch the attention of the viewers, often has worked adversely and said to have disturbed and intrigued some people.

Abstract art has come a long way since its conception and now technology has aided it to be produced in other mediums like the digital media and motion graphics. As mentioned earlier the internet has been a huge contributor in the spreading of fame of this form of art. Today, the artists prefer to sell their creations online because they get access to a wider range of customers all over the world.

The appreciation and accolade hat they get for their work is far greater than they would at an exhibition because of the limited number of visitors. But with the efforts of people like Mark Borghi the expressionist artists still have some recognition among the lovers of art. He organizes exhibitions at all his art galleries in Palm Beach, Bridgehampton and of course New York where he began his first art gallery.

Expressionist art has over years gained a lot of popularity and the most important thing is that people are now starting to understand the essence of such creation and hence the encouragement still keeps the flame of creativity burning in the minds of the artists of abstract expressionism.