Sink Pluming – Add Or Replace a Shutoff Valve

Sink Pluming - Add Or Replace a Shutoff Valve

Irrrve never your investment time I resided within this old house which had outdated sink electrical and plumbing wiring. I recall being confronted with sink plumbing problems each week it appeared. Each time I needed to focus on the sink or other plumbing fixture I needed to turn off water towards the whole home. Then I made the decision an adequate amount of this and installed shutoff valves underneath the sinks. Since that time, I replace many plumbing fixtures within my 38 plus years within the renovation business which I own and operated.

For individuals who are confronted with that very same problem or maybe the shutoff valves need substitute and wish to reduce your cost. Stick to the steps below.Image result for Sink Plumbing - Add Or Replace a Shutoff Valve


  • Small tubing cutter
  • Basin wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Reamer brush
  • Lp torch
  • Flux brush

A Fireplace extinguisher if obtainable in situation of a heart and have water easily available.


  • Flux
  • Plumber’s emery cloth
  • Solder

Usually sinks and toilets possess a fixture shutoff valve. Turn off these valves if you’re focusing on these fixtures. When the job involves cutting water lines offering a drain or perhaps a flush tank and there’s no fixture turn off valve, I would recommend this is time for you to install one.

To set up a turn off valve.

Turn water primary off and switch around the faucet from the fixture you’re focusing on. Also, switch on a faucet from the lower level to empty water lines that you’re focusing on. Disconnect the availability line in the faucet as well as heat the fitting that’s soldered towards the ½ inch water supply line and separate it in the tube by pulling and twisting it with pliers. Take care not to bend the pipe from round.

Make use of a cloth to wipe off just as much solder as you possibly can as the solder continues to be hot. Put on mitts to safeguard yourself from getting burned. Allow the pipe awesome off and fix it with plumbers emery cloth and dry fit the fixture shutoff valve to make certain they fit. If it doesn’t fit, fix it again before the valve fits. Clean within the valve (the finish which goes around the copper pipe)having a reamer brush.

After using the shutoff valve off, separate the originate from the valve by undoing the nut that keeps it in position. If you do not the seals can get destroyed in the excessive heat when soldering. Apply flux to both finish from the copper pipe and within the shutoff valve. Fit the shutoff valve back around the copper pipe as well as heat it close to the finish which goes around the copper pipe. Once the flux begins to sizzle use the solder round the joint in which the valve meets the copper valve.

Note: Bend the solder right into a hook two or three inches lengthy and begin soldering from left to until it start dripping in the bottom.

Wipe from the solder having a cloth while will still be hot after which allow it to awesome off before putting the stem back on. Stick to the same procedures for supply lines.

Shut the valves off; turn water primary back on and test for leaks

Next thing would be to connect the brand new supply lines towards the sink faucets I love to make use of the braided stainless type. They are simple to use which last a lengthy time. Tighten all connections and appearance for leaks this time around switch on the shutoff valves. Should you encounter leaks, tighten the fitting where it’s dripping before the leak stops.

You can now tell your partner that which you have recently accomplished and reap within the rewards. Haha!

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