Should you consider steroids for fitness and bodybuilding?

Should you consider steroids for fitness and bodybuilding?

There’s enough buzz around steroids. Everyone knows about these compounds, but most users will deny using them. Steroids are a class of special compounds, which are created in a lab. These can be divided into two other categories – corticosteroids and anabolic compounds. Corticosteroids are used for treating certain conditions, while anabolic compounds are designed to mimic the effects of testosterone. The bodybuilding community is interested in these anabolic steroids that promise great results, but should you really consider these performance enhancers? We have a few suggestions below for help!

About using steroids

When it comes to bulking and cutting, diet and exercise may not offer quick results, as expected. Bodybuilders and athletes often use steroids to get the right results.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that steroids are safe. These are nothing but synthetic hormonal supplements that mimic the effects of testosterone, and therefore, the side effects can be adverse in many cases. In fact, steroids can impact all major organs and the entire endocrine system. It is more than important to start with a low dose, so that you can understand the effects better. Also, you have to consider if a stack will work for your fitness goals.

Legal aspects

If you check for athletes that are former steroid users, you will find that many of them have been banned by authorities. Steroids are not meant for nonmedical purposes, and in most countries, including in the US, these are sold as controlled substances, which are only available on prescription. While bodybuilders continue to use steroids by buying these products online, it is best to consider the legal aspects.

Safety suggestions

With steroids, you must be careful about liver damage. Keep in mind that anabolic compounds have a few side effects, which can be minimized but cannot be eliminated. If you have any kind of liver issues, or use drugs that can impact the kidneys or liver, do not use any steroid, unless you have discussed the fitness concerns with a doctor. Secondly, do not consume alcohol or any substance that can impact the liver. Also, steroid users should be careful about dosage and instructions in particular. Check with a few bodybuilding forums to know more about the available steroids and the effective and safe ways of using them.

Talk to a few seasoned steroid users and athletes, if possible, to know about other aspects, such as cycle and dosage timings.