Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

There are many questions one can have about this Galaxy S9 flagship. As far as size is concerned, would it be comfortable to operate with one hand? And many, many other questions: will the position of your fingerprint reader so disturbing? How will be the experience of the corner screen? Those 3000 mAh battery compared to the S8 is noted in the autonomy? And, above all, how would be the camera when taking photos? Galaxy S9 is a large secrecy; some of the information has been leaked and some are still in the controversy.

Let’s start with the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S8 on the basis of which we could be able to figure-out the severe info about Galaxy S9. We have been testing Galaxy S8 thoroughly for weeks, and do not worry if you have not read our analysis of the S8 + because we will disengage this phone from start to finish in a review in which we will analyze each of its technical specifications.

It is impossible to start the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S8 by another section other than the design. This year many things have changed in Samsung’s top-of-the-range mobile phones, starting with the fact that flat versions (flat- screen versions) have moved on to a better life: there is no longer a choice Galaxy S7 with the flat screen in front of the curved screen of the S7 Edge, but both the S8 and S8 Plus bring a curved screen on both sides. The upcoming beast Galaxy S9 having a gorgeous appearance with an edge-to-edge 5.8” display of AMOLED is super-awesome and is the future that awaits the flagship of the manufacturer.

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The physical buttons that the Samsung Galaxy S9 let go of

What has not changed is that on the Galaxy S8, Samsung continues to combine a metal design (on the sides) with a glass finish (on the back). On the right side we have the Power button, while the Volume button and the Bixby button are located on the left side; down is the mini jack output, the Type-C USB port and the speaker, while up we have the nano sim tray which in turn allows us to insert a microSD card. The design of upcoming Galaxy S9 is rumored to be the heart-winning, let go of the physical Home button on the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S9 convenient in hand

Before talking about the most controversial section of the design of this mobile (more than one is already imagining what we mean), allow us first to dedicate some words to the sensations transmitted by this phone in hand. Personally, I had the chance to thoroughly test the Galaxy S8 + for weeks, and the feeling I had was that even being a staunch lover of large mobiles, the Plus model was too big for the day to Day. The Galaxy S9 smartphone with its significant screen size is really convenient in hand and hope the other features would be such serviceable, user-friendly and utilitarian like this convenience.