RV Camping: The Best U.S. Sites

RV Camping: The Best U.S. Sites

The United States has no shortage of absolutely awesome destinations for visitors to see when traveling across the country. There are many outstanding campsites to visit whether you like your electricity and water hookups or whether you’re willing to play it a bit more rustic. Traveling opens up so many possibilities in a country like this one, and the ability to travel via RV and have your own traveling kitchen and bed as a result opens up the possibilities even more (not to mention the savings from avoiding hotels during high traffic tourist seasons). Whenever so many possibilities pop up it become time to narrow down the list to the best places you should visit.


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What to Look for

There’s something to be said for the old saying “There’s no place like home,” and that still applies even when on the road! If you’ve ever visited an awesome place but dreaded going back to a crummy hotel room or flooded campsite, then you know exactly what I mean. The best sites to go RV camping are ones that not only have truly interesting and unique sights around them, but also outstanding RV campsites so even your “downtime” is relaxing and enjoyable. Always make the availability of a good RV-friendly campsite part of your search criteria.

With that in mind, take a look at our picks for some of the best RV parks and sites in the country!

Zion River Resort

Located in Virgin, Utah, a mere dozen miles from the famous Zion National Park, this resort is not only an extremely popular spot for tourists, but the quality of the RV resort with full hook ups, grills, and free Wi-Fi is so well known that many snowbirds show up for the entire winter season and make the resort their seasonal home.

Zion National Park isn’t the only incredible natural attraction nearby, either, as this RV resort is close enough to allow you to explore the northernmost sections of the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon National Park. The beauty of the desert here is absolutely stunning.

Do You Want to See Maine?

If you find yourself heading up to New England, check out the Beaver Dam Campground, located in the town of Berwick. This is a family friendly, pet friendly RV park that offers plenty of organized activities but gives you the full freedom of setting your schedule. A large pond creates many idyllic photographs and there is a strong relaxing vibe around this area that can’t be ignored.

West Coast Amenities

Located in Red Bluff, California, the Durango RV Resort is for travelers who want to see the incredible beauty of the area and explore California, but who are willing to pay a little extra to make sure they don’t give up any of their amenities. This high end RV resort includes free Wi-Fi, cable television, a 45 acre dog park, and even pools, outdoor fireplaces, and a club house. This isn’t really what you’d call camping but for some RV travelers, this is more like it.

Choose Your Favorite National Park

Almost every major National Park is going to have an RV park relatively close by. This brings up the question: what type of wilderness speaks to you? If you love the big mountains maybe Colorado is the destination. If towering trees take your breath away then it is time to head to the truly old growth forests of California. There are desert parks in Utah, or swamp parks in Florida. If you have always had a place you’ve wanted to see or visit, it’s time to search for local RV parks and plan a trip around that place that truly speaks out to you.

If you check out the RV parks and destinations on this list, you will have many incredible memories from the trips and be sure to enjoy some of the best RV camping experiences you’ve ever had!