Prophet With A Mission To Spread Love On Earth

Prophet With A Mission To Spread Love On Earth

Science and religion have been responsible for many developments of humankind. There have been many scientific explanations as to predictions of the weather and earthquakes. However, prophecies have also been made by great men in the past about the future of the Earth and its living beings. Most of them have come true. Science cannot explain these prophecies that their bearers say are words from the mouth of God.

Meet a prophet with a mission to spread love and peace on Earth

TB Joshua is the Head Pastor and the Founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations

(SCOAN). He has made certain prophecies about the world and all of them are published on his website. If you go through them, you will find that they have come true. He says that God is the secret behind these amazing powers of his. He is a firm believer of God and has the mission to spread His love to as many people who come to his Church to reach out to him.Image result for tb joshua

Often he says he is confronted with people who doubt his powers and say he uses demonic forces for influence. He states that demonic forces and the occult never have done good to anybody and they have no place in the world. God alone is the creator and protects His children. He also adds that man of God are often given bad repute by his non-followers. This is why, he says that he accepts both positive and negative attitudes against him with grace.

Challenges and prayers for courage

He says there are many challenges in the world and they test you. The spirit is never to give up. He says that when obstacles and challenges hit you, it is important for you to pray deeper. The more you pray, the more you will receive the courage and the strength to overcome all the obstacles you face. This is a proven fact. You will be placed in a test and you can only pass with flying -colors if you believe in the wisdom and love of God he says. There are disappointments and heart- break but they will only make you the person you are destined to be.

TB Joshua is also a man of healing. He has healed the emotional and physical scars of many people who are in pain by his loving touch and compassionate words of wisdom. Man is now becoming the enemy of man- look around and you will find jealously. There is no love for a brother or a sister even today. The world needs a great prophet like him to spread the word and the message of love. Humanity does exist and man should embrace it and not kill it with his vices, he says. Prayers and love for your neighbor will make you see through the temptations. You will emerge victorious and be able to destroy any kind of negative force that overtakes you if you are on the divine path he says!