Pour romance in your life with the delightful melodies of the year

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Music is the best way to express your feelings for ones whom you love the most. Love songs have been expressing the sweet romance in the most beautiful manner. Love songs are pleasant to the ears but they also have the ability to capture the hearts of everyone. When you feel to love someone or you want to impress someone, you can dedicate the love song for him/her. You can get the list of the top romantic songs of all the era since the beginning of the music. Here is   the list of some of the most romantic love songs 2017.

  • Jealous by Nick Jonas

Love is a wonderful feeling and the couples who are in love with each other can understand the tickling of the butterflies they get in their stomach.   None feeling in the world is as delightful as being in love. But, the feeling of love does not come alone. It brings in the feeling of jealousy. So this song by Nick Jonas is about the feeling of jealousy which is common when you see someone flirting with your love.

  • Love Me Harder

It is the great love song by the English singer Ariana Grande and Abél Makonnen Tesfaye who is popular by the stage name “The Weeknd”.  This song was released as the fourth single song from the music album “love me harder’. This song has been on one of the top ranks on the billboard of the best love songs 2017. Lyrically, the artist in the song is demanding for the romantic satisfaction.

  • Tear in My Heart

It is the song by the two American artists “Twenty one Pilots”. The video of this song features Joseph and Dun.  The music video of this song is represented very dramatically and which shows a boy singing song for his love and during that he went into argument with her lady and also got beaten up. At the end the she kissed him before the screen turn black.

  • Let her go

This song is like an influential song for the lovers who do not take their relationship seriously or just for granted.  The lyrics of this song will make you realize the importance of your love mate in your life. If you are being neglected by your partner, then you can let him/her hear your song and understand the deep meaning of words of this romantic beat. This song is written by the British song writer and singer Passenger.