Is It Alright to Wear Make Up Right After an Eyelid Surgery?

Is It Alright to Wear Make Up Right After an Eyelid Surgery?

Most women opt for an eyelid surgery to eliminate any sign of wrinkles, puffiness around the eyes and most especially sagging eyelids. Aging is a natural part of one’s life but there are ways to counter or slow it down. For those who have taken an eyelid surgery for a younger look, the only question that they have in mind is when they can start applying makeup again.3

Scarring is possible after an eyelid surgery. In order to cover any bruises out of the procedure, wearing make is what most people believe to be the best solution. Before applying any sort of makeup such mascara and concealer, you need to consult your surgeon first to prevent any potential risks. The use of cosmetics and other products within your eye are can lead to serious problems in the future.

Possible Problems of Putting Makeup After an Eyelid Surgery

Dr Naveen Somia, a leading plastic surgeon in Bondi, recommends that make up application is allowedafter suture removal. It is advised that wearing makeup is best after the incisions have been healed. According to experts, that’s the best time for you to go back to your daily eye makeup routine.

One of the problems that you can encounter if you insist to put on makeup after the surgery is infection. Bacteria can grow quickly in the eye area because of the makeup. You can acquire a nasty infection around the eye once the bacteria reached the incisions and got into it. In some cases, the issue can get worse leading to eye irritation. That’s why your surgeon should give you the go signal before putting your makeup on.

Are you allowed to put concealer after the surgery?

You might thought of covering up the bruises of the surgery with a concealer but this is definitely not the right thing to do. Wounds and bruises take time to heal so you should allow some time before putting concealer or any makeup. Concealing must be done only your surgeon already says it’s fine to put it on. Yet, there are instances that you will be allowed to apply concealing products that your surgeon advised you to use.3

There are certain types of concealer that can be good for you but always depend on what your surgeon tells you to do. Concealers can be used to cover up the area where bruising is evident. Your surgeon may prescribed for certain types and colors of concealers that you can safely use for the bruises. It will work at its best for you once you follow the right prescriptions.

It’s always the best to consult your surgeon or an expert before applying any eye makeup after for your safety. You should take some precautions after treating eye bags removal in Sydney by Naveen Somia to avoid any possible risk. Certainly, it’s okay to wear makeup after going through an eyelid surgery but you must wait for the right time until your surgeon says so. K As much as you want to go back to your makeup habit, you should be guided by your surgeon of what he tells you to do.