Invest in different kind of bags, be stylish

 Somebody once said, “Purses are like Friends, You can never have too many.” And we all agree, don’t we? There is nothing that is buying a new bag can’t fix! Whether it is Monday or Break-ups, Bags are always a yes! With thousands of brands and types in the market, it gets hard to pick the right ones; and making sure you have one for every occasion and attire. Here, all we need is a plan. We are going to pick some bags that assure you have one of each kind and that too, in thebudget.

Now, let’s look at these beautiful things we adore more than almost everything!

  1. Clutch:

There is nothing like too many clutches. You know why? Because they agree with any on-the-go look. Who needs to spend hours deciding what to wear for what?  So next time you go on that brunch thing, carry it without feeling any weight too.There are day and evening clutch bags available in the market. It gives you a casual look with atouch of chic as well. It is perfect for a couple of hours meet.

  1. A Tote:

Are you a workaholic? This is a must-havebag for you. It could easily accommodate anything from your files to thelaptop. It comes in different colors too, and you can choose the size according to your needs.A classy colored tote will be a good choice because you don’t have to worry about matching it with your outfit because they go with almost everything and stash everything in it.

  1. Crossbody:

This is a must-have for almost everyone. It is very essential to choose a bag which is comfortable to carry as well as easy to handle. So just Cross It and Eat all you want or whatever you feel like doing. It is way comfortable to carry doing anything, be it shopping or whatever that has your hands full. As they say, “Buy the best, and you will cry only once.”

  1. The Weekender:

TGIF! It is Fashion Friday! Got weekend vibes, the Weekender is for everyone who waits awhole week to go out on a trip and just pack it all while keeping it classy.You can use a duffle bag too.Choose a pattern of your choice and get on the plane already!!

  1. Night Out:

Night out is an ideal bag for your party look. It is an essential one to be a part of your collection. Who doesn’t love to party? It’s time to go and buy one that goes with almost everything. Because every woman deserves a shiny bag and a crazy weekend.

  1. Sling Bag:

Who needs to carry the big bag around when you can Sling It! It gives a cool look with a no-weight shoulder. Just go for dinners or chats, and Sling It all day out. Many colors and patterns are available in sling bags for women.

Own one of every kind mentioned above and you are good for every look. So Keep Calm and buy a fabulous bag! Because you deserve it!