How to perfectly shave your neck


All men are aware of how difficult it is to obtain a perfect shave around the neck area. In fact, there are numerous men who simply can’t obtain a close enough shave, no matter what they do. If you are one of them and you are interested in some tips that can help you learn how to perfectly shave your neck area, check out the list below and you’ll surely obtain the much wanted results. Here is what you need to do.

1.Careful preparation- numerous men overlook the importance of properly preparing the skin. You need to gently clean the skin and perform a thorough scrubbing of the area before putting the razor on the skin.

  1. Use pre-shave oil- numerous men ignore the pre-shave oil and this is a big mistake because its role is to help reduce skin irritation.
  2. Use a ‘’gentle’’ razor, with a high performance blade. This means to opt for a safety razor in the detriment of a straight razor. If you check out some safety vs straight razor comparisons, you will find out that while the straight razor will help you obtain excellent results only by putting pressure on the razor, the safety razor doesn’t require the pressure. A safety razor is much gentler than a straight razor and easier to handle. In fact, professionals recommend the safety razor to all beginners because it is an easy to use type of razor that doesn’t require much skill, so this type of razor is an excellent choice if you want to obtain a perfectly shaved neck.
  3. Flattening the skin- numerous men over-stretch the skin when they shave the neck area instead of flattening it. The area around the neck has a lot of curves and odd angles, so numerous shavers tilt their head upwards in order to pull the skin. This is a mistake, as it may help, but it doesn’t flatten the area. What you should do is to lean forward and slightly tilt the head back; this will flatten the skin and it will help you cover all the areas more consistently.

Follow all the tips mentioned above and we can assure you that you will obtain a perfectly shaved neck area. Those who have followed the tips above say that they are pleased with the results and that they truly see the difference between the method they used and this method.