How to Make Your Blur Photos Look Sharp

How to Make Your Blur Photos Look Sharp

Blur photos are not pleasant to look at because all the details have been blurred out so that no one know what the photo is about. The photo can become blur when you snap it under a poor lighting condition or your hand did not hold the camera steadily during taking the photo. You may have been disappointed when seeing that the photo you snap is blur. The photo is actually usable and you don’t have to discard it away and retake the photo. There is no need to pay a lot of money to hire a professional to fix a blur photo.

You don’t have to follow through complicated tutorials to learn how to unblur a picture. You just need to invest a few dollars on a basic photo editor like Movavi Photo Editor to fix the blur areas of the photo. After downloading Movavi Photo Editor, make sure you install it and launch the software. Next, the blurred photo must be dragged into the large open area to open it. Movavi Photo Editor offers automatic correction of the blurred spots via the sharpness tool. The sharpness tool can be found in the Adjust tab. It is easy to use the sharpness tool to make the blurred spot clear because you only need to move the slider to the right to increase the sharpness.

You can toggle the sharpness slider to 100% to sharpen the photo to the maximum. You can also enter the value in the text box next to the sharpness tool to adjust the level of sharpness in the photo. It is also all right not to toggle the sharpness slider to the maximum. You just have to toggle the slider until it achieve the clear and crisp effect on the photo like you want.

The sharpness effect will instantly be applied onto the photo in the preview screen in real time. There is also a blur slider that you should toggle to the left most until the value is 0 so that all the blurriness in the photo is completely removed. By default, the toggle of the sharpness and blur slider are in the middle. When you are done adjusting the sharpness slider, you can press the Export button to export it.

If the photo is blurred on the edge, you can use the crop tool to crop off the edge. Cropping is a viable solution for fixing blur photo if the blurred spot is located far away from the main subject and that you don’t need to include that spot in the photo. In the crop tab, you can adjust the cropping frame to exclude the blurred spot.

To adjust the cropping frame, you just have to use your mouse cursor to drag the edges until you are satisfied with the size. You can also adjust the cropping frame by choosing one of the ratios from the drop down menu. When you have set the frame exactly at the area you want to crop, you can click the apply button and the areas outside the frame will be completely deleted.