How to choose a CDN service provider


Running a website is not an easy thing because in order to run a successful website first you need to provide a good service to your visitors. That service is related in terms of good webpage experience and good webpage response. In order to give that first you need to choose your network provider. The best network that you can choose for your website is the content delivery network. This network is work as per the geographic location because at these different locations many servers were placed so when user make use of your website, as per the geographic location of your user these servers provide them as fast content as they can.  

How to choose the CDN provider

Performance – almost every CDN provider whether they are big or small provide a good service to their customer but if you are looking for a cheap and best then you should go with provider. Each client is different and so did their requirement but these network providers allows gives a service of customize package that you can choose according to your needs.Image result for How to choose a CDN service provider

Technology – when you are choosing the CDN provider always make sure that the service provider provides the technology that you wanted. Most service provider makes use of HTTP to deliver the content.  There are other technology also that you need to look for such as media streaming, flash streaming etc. you should check whether they provide platform mobile for or not. Along with all these never forget to check what type of security measures they use in order to provide safe service to you.

Expense – these service provider charges by three different modes first is month to month payment, second quarterly and third is yearly base. Before signing any contract make sure to check out other service provider too so that you get variety of service provider to choose from and choose the one that cheap and best.