Get Renting with Lodgify

Get Renting with Lodgify

Tired of having a booking system which is all over the place and makes life harder rather than easier? Need a website for your business which looks professional and on point? Lodgify can help.

Building your own website is made easy when you join up with Lodgify. Featuring many crisp, fresh, and easy to use templates, the building process with a Lodgify website is fast and efficient. No HTML knowledge is required, and changes can be made to your site in a matter of clicks.

Building a website from scratch can be a timely exercise involving expensive experts who create a site which they think is good for your business. Cut out the middle man and build your own website. Lodgify has all the templates and tools you need to create an easy to use interface which will entice visitors to convert into customers and furthermore return another day for their next holiday rental.

Struggling to keep track of your bookings? Lodgify has the perfect solution. Using innovative programming, Lodgify can help you track and manage all your bookings in one place. With a touch of a button you can view every detail of a booking including personal details of your client plus dates, fees already paid and any special requests. Instant quotes can also be generated to help encourage customers to book more than one rental while visiting your website.

With an efficient and time effective management system already in place on your very own Lodgify website, the matter of payment closely follows behind. Take card and PayPal payments quickly and easily with the inbuilt booking system. With no hidden costs or extras, what you see is what you get, and your customers will love how user friendly the system is.

As if a clean and precise booking system with a user-friendly interface wasn’t enough, your handmade Lodgify website also has the capability to update your external links. Connected to popular travel sites like Airbnb, and TripAdvisor, any changes you make to your website are automatically reflected to your external links. No need to waste time hopping around various accounts to update your offers, availability, or prices, get it all done under one roof with your own custom-built website.

With results showing that some businesses experience up to a 200% increase in online bookings using their Lodgify website no is a good time to get your business up to speed with a new and professional website.