Facial Rejuvenation with Lift technique to Eliminate Wrinkles

Facial Rejuvenation with Lift technique to Eliminate Wrinkles

If you are in your late 20s and have developed wrinkles and fine lines; then you might be thinking why in this age you have developed such ageing signs. Even though wrinkles are always related with old age; the skin can start wrinkling before what is considered the normal time because of several things. One primary reason for early wrinkles is negligence.

Negligence can occur in terms of exposure to sun without required protection, not following the basic cleaning, toning and moisturizing procedure and smoking tobacco or drinking too much alcohol. Certain facial expressions and movements, such as smiling or squinting, lead to wrinkles and fine lines. Each time you use a facial muscle, a furrow occurs underneath the surface of the skin. And as skin ages, the flexibility reduces and it is no longer be able to bounce back in place. These furrows then become everlasting features on your face. Statistics suggest that women tend to have more wrinkles on face than men because women have smaller amount of sweat glands and the skin seems to be less oily than men. Less oil causes wrinkles to develop faster. Moreover, when women go through menopause, the production of estrogen reduces. A deficiency of estrogen can result in decreased collagen and thinning skin.Image result for Facial Rejuvenation with Lift technique to Eliminate Wrinkles

Though eating properly is no surety that your skin will age elegantly, eating an unbalanced diet certainly contributes to the number of wrinkles you have. Intake of sugar processed foods can break down collagen. Moreover lack of vitamin and protein in foods can also increase wrinkles and fine lines.

Now that you know the top reasons for wrinkles, you may be speculating what you can do about them. In order to make them go you can get a Facial Rejuvenation with Lift done. Sono Bello, the number one clinic in the United States offer the Lift treatment that can help your face look younger, natural and free from unwanted creases, wrinkles and lines.

Areas that are treated using the Facial Rejuvenation with Lift technique:

Drooping skin and wrinkles around eyes

Sagging skin on face and neck

Wrinkles and lines on jawline and jowls

Unappealing fat buildups or loss of muscle tone

With the Facial Rejuvenation with Lift technique; you can get the following benefits:

Local anesthesia

In-office procedure

Less downtime than conventional facelifts

Micro-laser, minimally invasive technology

Unbelievable, natural looking results

100% personalized

Sono Bello’s physicians understand that price is a factor almost for everyone when selecting whether to do a cosmetic procedure. Safety, consequences and quality of care are of prime importance and components that you cannot afford to lose. This is why Sono Bello has come up with some affordable financing option that will make you feel less worried about the cost. All the treatments are available are affordable rates so that it can suit the budget of almost all customers.

So, if you have wrinkles on your skin and you want it to get it treated by the professional; consult this clinic today.