Dog Breeds and Pet Insurances- A brief note

Dog Breeds and Pet Insurances- A brief note

A dog, the man’s best friend, the only being on this planet who loves his owner more than he loves himself. The most faithful friend you can ever have comes in various breeds, sizes and has different characteristics but all it desires is your love. Talking about the popular dog breeds today, the most desired breeds seen nowadays consists of about 58 categorized dogs. In this article facts related to dog breeds, pet insurance, and their life span will be discussed in a brief manner. The article will also show some light to the importance of pet insurance with “Pet Insurance U“.

Pet insurance is an essential thing for pet parents although there are very few takers for it. Private companies also don’t provide pet insurances. Pet Insurance U is the new pioneer in the field of pet insurance since it covers medical expenses, death due to an accident, accidental poisoning, accident while in transit or any third party liabilities etc. Some of the companies offering pet insurance are Oriental Insurance, New India Insurance, and United India Insurance.

Some of the popular dog breeds are described below.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

A very smart decision if one is thinking about investing in this pet since it is one of the purest breeds. These dogs are very faithful and loyal and have very sharp hunting skills. They are also very intelligent. The best companion and a mischievous pet which keep the owner happily occupied. Their life span is usually of 10-12 years and the color is wheaten, red wheaten, and light wheaten. Their average height is two feet and weighs seventy to eighty-five pounds. Their price, however, is very high, approximately 1.25 lakhs for two pairs.


Categorized as a domestic dog with medium to large size, a Rottweiler is a good-natured and calm dog, they are considered as very devoted dogs and considered as domestic dogs although they are also very alert, courageous and fearless. As their native place is Germany, a pure breed Rottweiler from Germany will be very calm and obedient however in India if it is aggressive then it’s not a pure breed. Their life span is 8-10 years and the color is black. You can buy a pair of Rottweiler pups for around Rs16000 and that will be a bargain.

Saint Bernard

The best dog if you are thinking about buying a domestic dog. They are very faithful, obedient, playful, calm and very friendly. A Saint Bernard is every dog lover’s dream. Their extremely large size wholesome fur makes them adorable and irresistible. They live for about 8-10 years and weigh around 120 kg when fully grown. Can be bought for around Rs25000.  It is an expensive dog so you can always adopt one instead of buying.

Siberian Husky

Huskies are proving to be the new love among dog lovers with the highest popularity. A Siberian Husky is a very intelligent and alert dog, they are gentle and outgoing and obviously a sight to the sore eyes and look like wolves moreover they are very loyal. Their lifespan is 12-15 years and weighs 16 to 27 kg. A husky puppy can be bought for Rs40000 to Rs60000.