Develop Production Technique

Develop Production Technique

Insisting on the introduction of innovation and eco-friendly, spending so much time for continuing to move forward industrial upgrading and making real progress. These end up being the general expectation within the magnesium oxide industry.

Obama of China Inorganic Salt Association Magnesium Compound Branch stated, “At the moment, the domestic magnesium oxide industry exists many problems, for example surplus from the staple products, our prime-finish varieties rely on imports, lack innovative ability, low industrial concentration and so forth. Therefore, the commercial upgrading become a fundamental part of magnesium oxide industry.” The magnesium oxide industry should concentrate on advanced development, enrich and promote product performance. To be able to provide fundamental to add mass to downstream, this industry should promote the introduction of fine and personalization, concentrate on the upgrades of product, production equipment and technical control. The initial national standard could no more stand the advanced degree of magnesium oxide industry. Therefore, lounging lower group qualifying criterion is advantageous to improve the special magnesium types and enhance the products’ quality.

The specialist of Chinese magnesium oxide industry expressed, “The merchandise size our prime-finish magnesium oxide have to achieve nanoscale, and want to modified because of its surface. It may satisfy the function and personalization demands from the downstream industries, for example plastic steel, medicine, food, glass fiber reinforced plastics and so forth.Inch


To be able to improve independent innovation, the specialist generally hope the study on thoroughly industry-college-institute can close cooperation. The magnesium oxide suppliers should strengthen the exchange from the advanced techniques and explore build technique alliance. Aiming only at that industry’s hot and hard issues, you need to unite research together and share productions. Sunwen suggests, “Magnesium oxide industry should focus on build the innovative platform and also the public R & D platform, like the key laboratory, engineering lab, engineering research center, application innovation alliance and so forth. To be able to consolidate the foundation and generate a scaffold for innovative development, you need to improve innovation capacity.” Additionally, Also, he advises, “Focus on build industry access system, enhance the threshold of one’s conservation and atmosphere protection. Additionally, it creates Close lower backward plants.