Cannabis Can Help Vaccination Side Effects

Cannabis Can Help Vaccination Side Effects

There has been a lot of research and attention paid recently to cannabis recently for the many conditions and ailments that it helps with. It has been found to be effective in the treatment of childhood epilepsy by reducing the number of seizures that sufferers experience, and marijuana is also found to be effective in reducing depression. But now, attention has turned to the potential usage of cannabis for eliminating vaccine side effects.3

Each year, millions of children are vaccinated against some of the most common deadly diseases. Whilst the vast majority of these children experience no side effects, this is not the case for all.

For example, the measles vaccine caused a lot of controversy when it was found that the vaccine caused some quite astonishing side effects including inflammation of the brain, an increase in the number of seizures, aswell as contributing to pancreatitis and arthritis. There have been a small number of cases where a child has died as a direct result of a vaccination. So, how can cannabis help?

There have been cases where cannabis oil has been used after a vaccination has taken place. It can be used for treating encephalitis – which is an abnormal swelling of the brain. Encephalitis can result in permanent brain damage in the most severe cases, or can lead to autism. Normally, Encephalitis normally happens as a result of a particularly nasty viral infection, but it has been found that certain vaccines can cause this, which leads to the body’s immune system attacking its own tissues leading to Encephalitis. While there haven’t been any conclusive scientific studies which show the positive effect cannabis has on reducing the swelling of the brain, there has been plenty of anecdotal evidence to support this.3

As mentioned above, seizures are quite common after a vaccination. The CDC confirmed this when they said that the chances of a seizure in children taking place is heightened in the week after a vaccination has taken place, especially when the vaccination for rubella is given. Cannabis helps with vaccine side effects by reducing the likelihood of a seizure occurring in the week after the vaccination is given.

A rather controversial idea has been raised in that cannabis can be used to help calm children down prior to receiving an injection. Whilst not every child is nervous about getting a vaccination, many children howl uncontrollably when faced with the prospect of this. It may be worth considering for children who suffer from ADHD for example. Then there is the ethical question of giving cannabis to your child when the full effect of the substance on children hasn’t been fully explored or understood yet. Sure, we know that it can increase relaxation, but what would be the long term effects on the child? These are important questions that need answered. If you have any experience of using cannabis on your children, let us know.