Advertising budgets targeting the mobile cell phone sector are getting immense
and totally overshadowing the smaller businesses. This advertising explosion is
most easily seen in the gambling-for-entertainment sector. For example, globally,
the online resort-gambling market generated roughly $37 billion in 2014, so it is easy
to see that these companies have the cash resources needed to be the bully with
their mobile cell phone advertising and marketing coverage. And it is all about
those smart phones! For instance, the total downloads of just casino applications
from the App Store grew by 286% in 2015 and that is just in the USA. Quite a few
of those downloads came from one popular site: AceBonus20So, how can the smaller businesses hope to buy into the advertising space on those
smart phones? The cost to reach the smartphone market is huge. According to several
reports the price for just 100 impressions is as high as $5.00. That means it would
cost you $50.00 to have your ad seen only 1,000 times. If no one clicks through
your ad to make a purchase, you just threw $50 out the window and that can add up.
Furthermore, that 1,000 views could happen in just a few minutes depending on exactly
where your advertisement is placed, so your spend could be hundreds or even thousands
of dollars per day.
Because of all this, the smaller businesses are limited to other forms of advertising,
such as Facebook and other social networks. On Facebook, you don’t have to pay for
viewers that never click on your ad and visit your site, instead, you pay for just
those people that actually click on your ad. This advertising model is very cost
effective and the cost for each click, (each visitor to your site), might be as low
as just twenty cents. Another point to keep in mind regarding Facebook advertising
is that Facebook stores a lot of information about their users, therefore, you can
easily decide your demographics.
With a few hours of research, the small businesses can find many places where they
can place their low cost and effective advertising.