Availability of weight loss supplements across globe

Availability of weight loss supplements across globe

Weight loss supplements have become more than necessary for many people across the globe. Earlier these products were marketed keeping professionals like weight lifters and body builders in mind. They are constantly required to be in good physique and hence they constantly need some form of support or other to stay in shape apart from diet and exercise. But as life style changes are made, many people even commoners are getting aware of maintaining a healthier life style. In one such approach, maintaining BMI or body mass index has been taken seriously by many. To keep their body fit and lose excess weight people do take many supplements in addition to normal diet plan and physical activity. But these supplements have not got worldwide acceptance and have strict guidelines to be marketed and purchased.

Duromine and its availability

One such weight loss product that is very famous is Duromine. Many people look to buy this product due to 2 main reasons though there are many weight loss products in same line. One reason is this product when used correctly is said to give only minimal and minor side effects. Second one its track record that proves the success rate of this product is higher than any other product in same range. But this product is a powerful one and usage is very limited or banned even in many countries. Only two major countries – Australia and New Zealand manufactures this product. So people who are living outside these two countries can legally get prescription and purchase this product online or they can look for alternatives. There are legak drugs similar to Duromine that can produce close to similar effect that this product gives.

How to choose alternatives for Duromine?

Duromine basically contains phentermine which is prescribed by doctors for a short term such as 12 weeks. This is because the base product phentermine is very much active in this product and when taken in prolonged period can result is many issues such as excess stress that can have disastrous effect on your heart functioning. In case if you are not able to get valid prescription for this product, you can try following products that gives you similar results and easily available across globe – i) Phen 375 ii) PhenQ and iii) Phenrx. All these products lime Duromine contains phentermine as base and are FDA approved products. Due to this approval, it is available in majority of countries and mostly with valid prescription.

Word of caution while buying alternatives

If you are not seeking medical advice to choose an alternative or if you ordering an alternate product online, you have to be very cautious. If you deciding a product by yourself, you should be in a position to evaluate the dosage requirement to base product according to your health condition. Also there are many manufactures from whom you can get legal drug similar to Duromine in many countries, so authenticity of such manufacturers and products should be validated. As this is a rare drug to get in many parts of the country, there are many products available in black market that could be costlier and also harmful. Hence choosing alternates should be done due diligently by you or better seek medical opinion to alleviate any complications.