A Comprehensive Analysis on the Benefits and Risks Associated With Steroids

A Comprehensive Analysis on the Benefits and Risks Associated With Steroids

Steroids have always been proving their worth as an effective weight-loss or muscle gain supplement for several users. It is one of the most sought after options for many athletes and bodybuilders. It is true that exercises help in proper toning of the body. However, if you want the immediate result from your approach, steroids come as the best choice. You can also use a combination of both exercise and steroids; such combinations have proved to be the most effective plan to get the most chiseled body.

Steroids- beneficial or risky?

However, the positive attributes are not the only thing that the steroids are associated with. Such steroids bring along with them a list of potential side effects. Most of these side effects are harmful to the body. The side effects experienced also depends on the individual taking the drug. Therefore, the pertinent question that circles around any steroid is “are steroids worth the risk?” To answer this question, one can definitely come up with different arguments based on their personal preferences, expected goals, and the obtained results. These issues have to be addressed by both the former and the current users. The trick is to take the maximum benefits without experiencing many side effects. Therefore, as an answer to the question raised before, we tried to analyze the benefits of steroids with its side effects, and bring up a rationale to sew them together.

Benefits of steroids

There are several benefits associated with steroids. It results in enhanced nitrogen retention in muscles, increased production of red blood cells from the bone marrow, increased growth of muscle tissues, enhanced metabolism resulting in increased synthesis of proteins, improved strength of the bone and also the development of body composition and lean muscle mass. Most of the synthetic steroids are but derivatives of the male hormone testosterone. Although the hormone is primarily associated with sexual behavior and characteristics, it has also been found to be an important factor for the enhancement of quite a number of body functions.

Harmful effects of steroids

Steroids do not only come with its potential benefits for the body. It is also associated with several risk factors. These side effects range from mild to harsh and temporary to permanent effects on the body depending on the gender, weight, and health of the individual. Recent reports have suggested that increasing incidence of side-effects results from non-prescribed use of steroids by young, strong and healthy individuals. The milder side effects on the body include muscle aches, headache, nausea, stiff or aching joints, mood swings and difficulty in sleeping. The severe side effects of steroids involve complications like priapism, i.e. frequent, painful and long-lasting erections. It also leads to the suppression of the endogenous testosterone in the body. Testicular atrophy has been another serious concern associated with several steroids. Another side effect worth to be noted is that most steroids produce a high amount of low-density lipoprotein in the body which increases the chances of heart attack and atherosclerosis.

A comparative analysis of the benefits and drawbacks associated with steroids is provided. Such an analysis might provide you thoughtful insights and help to answer your question i.e. “are steroids worth the risk?”