5 Tips to Make Your Essay Stand Out

5 Tips to Make Your Essay Stand Out

Assessing numerous essays is a tedious task, but what a delight when the exceptional, well-written, focused script arrives and it is you who has made the assessor’s day!!! Here are some tips on how to do this.

  • Language

Key principle: you never get a second chance to make the right first impression. From the very first paragraph, the marker is already experiencing either the anxiety or joy of getting to the end of your essay. If you write as you speak and fail to use the correct grammar, terminology and spelling, the mark plummets. You can eliminate this destructive impression by asking someone else to read and comment honestly on these aspects of your essay. You can also reflect on professionally written case studies in recommended texts, which contain a useful list of terminology.Image result for 5 Tips to Make Your Essay Stand Out

Tip 1: Before you start, select an appropriate academic text, examine how an important concept is presented and check key terminology. When you have completed the first few paragraphs, obtain robust feedback and repeat when the essay is complete.

  • What Research?

The quality and extent of your research into the subject matter of your work impacts on the impression it creates. Whilst your peers use Google to gain quick search results and get the task finished (usually at the last minute), they cannot impress with the perceptions of prestigious authors. You can – with effective use of robust academic sources, your university library and online academic databases.

Tip 2: Conduct extensive research using academic databases, and key words related to the essay title.

  • Forget Last Minute!

Most assignment writers UK plan to fail, by failing to plan! Leaving essay writing until the last minute negates the employment of differentiation techniques. Essay writers must plan adequate time for devising the draft essay plan and contents, searching for excellent academic sources, writing the first draft, having it checked by another competent person, receiving feedback, upgrading content and grammar and the final proofread. Submitting on time is vital to create the right impact!

Tip 3: Devise a time plan for research, creating the first draft, eliciting suitable feedback, upgrading to the final draft and proofreading, before submitting on time.

  • Quotations, Quotations

You think quoting authors’ words strengthens the case you making in your essay? Correct – if used sparingly. However, the assessor experiences numerous quotes too often, and knows that the writer cannot express his/her own perception of the ideas, is probably unable to understand the concepts, and/or to place them in the appropriate context.

Tip 4: Use a few quotations and choose those that have most impact on your argument. Don’t forget to use quotation marks to credit the originator, year published, and page number in the text.

  • Stay Interesting

Most essays are poorly structured, include verbose descriptions and opinions, and therefore lack focus, neglecting the main arguments and associated evidence. The essay writer who implements the first four tips retains reader interest, not just in the initial paragraphs but throughout, by concise discussion of the critical facts or perceptions, and by conclusions drawn from the main body only.

Tip 5: Create interest in the first paragraphs by indicating how the essay will evolve, formulate each main argument concisely and provide associated evidence, draw apt conclusions from the essay main body only.


There is no magic formula for making your essay exceptional. All that is required is effective use of these tips, to become one of the outstanding assignment writers UK!